HUD for rFactor

iHUD for rFactor & rFactor2 is the definitive Pluging for rFactor & rFactor2.

“iHUD for” is a HUD (Head Up Display) for rFactor. With iHud for rFactor & rFactor2 V3.1 you can customize High Definition Dashboards in your iOS device. You can play rFactor or rFactor 2 in FULL SCREEN without having to play in windowed mode and without losing any FPS!!.

With iHud for rFactor & rFactor2 you will enjoy:

  • Up to 16 categories of accessories.
  • Up to 110 widgets witch you can place anywhere you want.
  • 5 Spaces where place your widgets or a prebuilt Dashboard
  • 4 prebuilt dashboards.
  • You can to move, rescale and place any widget anywhere.
  • Up to 8 new Packs that includes:
    • Welcome Pack
    • Wheels Pack
    • Time Pack
    • Telemetry Pack
    • Aerodinamics Pack (only for rFactor2)
    • Platinum Pack (up to 15% off)
    • Live timing: customizable Time Table
    • ButtonBox

If you want a full description of each new pack you can found it here!. ButtonBox here

Here a short description.